A Sissy's Progress: the dangerous power of an effeminate man

After being attacked on the street outside his home, Brazilian performance artist Nando Messias created a one-man carnival to take a stand for men like him

A warm night in July, a week after the 7/7 bombings, and Londoners are trying to go about their lives as normal. Nando Messias has been to see some dance at Sadler’s Wells. Taking a taxi as far as Whitechapel High Street, he decides to walk the last leg back to his flat. Dressed in unassuming black, hair pulled into his customary bun, high heels click-clacking down Commercial Street, he’s almost home.

Except he didn’t make it that far. “As soon as I turned the last corner, I realised I had made a mistake,” recalls Messias, folding his long slender dancer’s limbs into the plastic chair where he now sits. “Eight young men circled me and there was no turning back.” Messias was about to suffer his first homophobic attack since moving to London two years earlier from Brazil. His first attack full stop, in fact.

Effeminate men are more likely to suffer violence but there is also violence in the message we give to other men.

Brazil is a country of contrasts. It’s carnival, it’s partying, but it’s violence, too

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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