Bolshoi Ballet: Don Quixote review – back at their bravura best

Royal Opera House London
With a flourish of capes and a clicking of castanets, the company match the richness of their material in this visually stunning new production

When the Bolshoi performed their previous production of Don Quixote, it was as though a dysfunctional but hugely beloved family had rolled into town. The ballet’s cast of characters had become embellished over time into a troupe of swaggering show-offs, preposterously colourful rogues and one or two individuals who should have been in community care. Its costumes had all seen better days and its storytelling had been burdened with so many revisions it was in danger of losing its own plot. Yet this Don Quixote was kept alive by the comedy and verve of the company’s performances; and while a new production was long overdue, there was always the risk that it might be at the expense of the ballet’s peculiar heart and soul.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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