Christine and the Queens live review – ‘immensely French’

Héloïse Letissier’s strikingly original dance-art-pop adds up to a terrific Gallic-tinged treat

Wherever chins are stroked, you often hear that one band or another are so much better live than on record. That’s a given. Most things are better louder and in your face, the aura of the authors’ presence in the room supercharging the experience.

Christine and the Queens are better live than on record, but in a different way. With no disrespect intended to Christine’s debut album, Chaleur Humaine – a top-notch pop product whose taut, slick surfaces mask deep reserves of emotion, certified five-times platinum in France, out here last month – but her music is meant to be danced and lit up as much as it is played or sung.

Madonna has repeatedly declared herself a fan, as have Lorde and Mark Ronson

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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