Cinderella review – all in all, magic

Festival theatre, Edinburgh
Christopher Hampson’s lyrical Cinderella for Scottish Ballet delivers drama, emotion and really annoying stepsisters…

A fairy-story ballet is not easy to get right. It must look wonderful, satisfying the tastes of adults and children alike; it must move logically from scene to scene; and it must touch the heart. If there isn’t a moment’s yearning silence as the final curtain comes down, the choreographer hasn’t done his or her job. Christopher Hampson’s Cinderella, for Scottish Ballet, scores highly by this reckoning. The piece is neatly constructed and dramatically satisfying, with virtue properly rewarded. Our heroine is Bethany Kingsley-Garner, a performer of unaffected charm and directness. She’s the antithesis of the flashy virtuosa, with an engaging smile and a restrained line that eloquently conveys Cinderella’s lack of pretension. Especially when compared to Sophie Laplane’s vulgar stepmother, and Sophie Martin and Eve Mutso’s tiresome stepsisters.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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