Dancer, painter, soldier … Tottenham brothers on their way to the top

Maryam Golding’s three oldest sons – an artist, a soldier and a ballet dancer – are all on the way to the top. Much of that, they say, is due to their parents, who brought them up to be fiercely proud of their mixed race heritage

Maryam Golding rarely gets her three eldest sons together round the dinner table at her small west London flat. Her boys have extraordinary reasons to be busy. The last time the whole family was crowded into the living room, her middle son was celebrating winning the Sword of Honour at Sandhurst, his younger brother was between performances with the Royal Ballet and his older brother, an artist, was back from a sell-out residency in Dubai.

Raised in a Tottenham council house, all troublemakers at school, the three have gone on to penetrate some of the world’s most prestigious institutions: Solomon, 22, is the first black British male dancer in the Royal Ballet, Kidane, 24, rose through basic army training to graduate with the top prize at the Royal Military Academy in April and Amartey, 27, has the patronage of the Dubai royal family.

When you’re mixed race, to know the black culture and history you have inside of you is really important and really rich

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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