Dancer Vanessa Vince-Pang: 'the audience’s energy feeds us'

On tour, Phoenix Dance Theatre’s performers can play several characters in a single night – you lose yourself in one role then dive into the next

Phoenix is a small company, which means we all know everything about each other, so personality is important. After auditions, Sharon Watson, the artistic director, might invite a dancer in for two or three weeks to see how they relate to the repertoire and also to the company. It’s very much a family – you might bicker, but three seconds later it will all be completely fine. We’re all in tune with each other.

If we are performing somewhere further than two hours’ travel from our base in Leeds, we spend the night near the venue. We always stay together. We often have post-performance discussions, which are great, because you get to know the audience – but if we’re travelling back to Leeds, I’ll often get home at 12.30am. I’m naturally a night person, which helps, but we’ve all got pictures of each other asleep on the tour bus.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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