Dancing up a storm to Kate Tempest and roller-skating for a Warhol star

A festival at Siobhan Davies dance studio featured Julie Cunningham’s moves to match Tempest’s verse and Jamie Atherton’s solo for Fred Herko

At the Siobhan Davies dance studios this weekend, a cross-disciplinary festival of performances, What Remains … Anatomy of an Artist: 10 New Works, investigated the different ways in which artists can plunder, reinvent and take colour from the work of others. Writers, film-makers, choreographers and an anonymous sculptor contributed short works about their responses to other works or makers. Some were sketchily experimental, and some – such as Julie Cunningham’s We Shall See the Sky, danced to the poetry of Kate Tempest – were a thrilling dialogue between art forms.

Anyone who has seen Cunningham dance, and admired her meticulous accuracy and classical grace, might be surprised to see her tackling the ferocious furnace of language, hip-hop rhythms and archaic prosody that characterise the poetry of Tempest. Yet it’s from that absolute contrast of aesthetic that the work’s special beauty develops.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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