Don Quixote review – the Bolshoi puts its best foot forward

Royal Opera House, London
Strutting matadors, fiery señoritas and outstanding soloists show the scandal-hit company at its virtuoso best

When I was first learning about ballet as a child I read a lot of books that summed up the plots of famous old classics with phrases like: “There is a lot of pretty dancing to celebrate the marriage of x and y. They live happily ever after.”

Those sentences sprang irresistibly to mind watching Don Quixote, a soufflé of a confection that has only the most delicate flavour of Cervantes. What it offers though is sensational dancing – virtuosic, beautiful and open-hearted – created by Marius Petipa and Alexander Gorsky to show off ballet as the most refined and communicative of the arts.

Denis Rodkin is sensational, flinging high jumps into the air as if carving them with a knife

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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