Flamenco superstar Sara Baras: 'If you don’t feel it, you can’t do it'

In the last of our dancers’ diaries, the flamenco legend says the genre is not about technique but emotion – above all, it must come from the heart

For almost 20 years, I have maintained my own company. It has given me the freedom to show the world how I feel and to learn how I can best present my flamenco productions. I have been able to do shows both with and without narrative, and to develop the work with dance and music in a very positive way. I’ve had to take a lot of risks – if you run your own company, you can stray from the familiar path to present something new.

When I’m working on a new show, I begin on my own. Gradually I start to unify the music and the steps, and then involve the set, lighting and costume-design team. The whole process normally takes three or four months. Voces, which is about some of the artists who have influenced me, and which I am bringing to London this month, was created in an unusually short time, with the whole team working together in the studio.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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