Gotta dance! A day in the life of Broadway star Mara Davi

What’s it like to perform in a razzle-dazzle New York musical? Exhilarating and exhausting, says the tap-dancing, high-kicking star of Dames at Sea

Performing in a musical is demanding – we have to act, sing and dance. My mom took me to dance classes at three, and I always sang around the house. I grew up in Colorado with the classic movie musicals starring Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse that we honour in Dames at Sea, and would sing along to every Disney princess.

As the show is up and running, and I’m not rehearsing, I have a whole day to live my life. Today I’ll hang out with my mom and sister, and later with my husband. My family are very grounding for me, because it can be a terrible profession. You might be on cloud nine, with a big contract or a string of shows, but I’ve also had six-month stretches where I have been auditioning and haven’t got a job. It’s vital to have other interests – whether it’s picking apples, cooking dinner, or growing tomatoes in the garden – so that your whole self isn’t consumed by your career, and you don’t feel that all your value is in your work.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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