It's great when you skate: how ice dance became cool

This season’s ice shows offer sequins, fireworks and dancers dressed as Disney characters but there are moves afoot to introduce arty elements to the form

With Christmas this year comes a flurry of ice shows – Holiday on Ice, Disney on Ice, The Nutcracker on Ice – all peddling wintry charms, spangly showmanship and a cast of former competitive athletes who’ve swapped triple salchows for furry cartoon costumes. Ice dance lives in a limbo between sport and entertainment, but can it also be taken seriously as art? I can’t be alone in thinking it’s all just a bit cheesy.

“It depends what you class as cheesy,” says Welsh skater Lloyd Jones, currently starring in Holiday on Ice. “It’s entertainment, it’s crowdpleasing. You feel the energy of the audience when you perform. I love it.” The Holiday on Ice brand has been going for 70 years, touring shows around the world, although there’s just one UK date this year, in Brighton, for the show Passion, featuring aerial acrobatics, chart hits, fireworks, sequins and steampunk costumes.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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