Jump First, Ask Later review: parkour stage show fails to get airborne

Western Sydney street acrobatics troupe Dauntless Movement Crew delivers an earnest but underwhelming production

Jump first, ask later. That’s the motto of the Fairfield-based Dauntless Movement Crew (DMC) and the name of their show at the Sydney Opera House. This slight 50-minute performance exhibits the urban extreme sport of parkour, a mishmash of scaling walls, leaping off blocks and sprinting along rooftops. On the street, however, they don’t ask authorities for permission; they just jump right in.

Now the dance company Force Majeure, in collaboration with the Powerhouse Youth Theatre, is bringing parkour to the mainstream, providing a platform to six founding members of DMC: Joseph Carbone, Johnny Do, Jimmy James Pham, Patrick Uy, Justin Kilic and its sole female representative, Natalie Siri, to show off their acrobatic skills. All six performers come from immigrant backgrounds, ranging from Italy to Vietnam; they also all grew up in Sydney’s Fairfield, a place recently referred to in the media as “Australia’s most dangerous suburb”.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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