Justin Peck and the National's Bryce Dessner create a Most Incredible ballet

The 28-year-old dancer and choreographer’s latest work, inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, marks an exciting return to narrative dance

“Whosoever could do the most incredible thing was to have the king’s daughter and half of his Kingdom.” So begins The Most Incredible Thing, the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale that inspired Justin Peck’s most recent project, a new work for New York City Ballet. It’s a classic fairytale scenario: a kingdom and a contest, with a princess’s hand in the balance.

The 28-year-old, California-born choreographer, whose first dance dates back only eight years, has risen quickly to the top ranks of the American ballet scene. But New York City Ballet, where he is a soloist and choreographer-in-residence, is his home. The Most Incredible Thing, which opens as part of a mixed bill on Tuesday, will be his 10th work for the company. It is, however, the first time he has tried his hand at telling a story through dance.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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