Louise Lecavalier: 'I'm a show-off in the studio. On stage I'm another entity'

The Canadian contemporary dancer explains how she conquered the terror of performing – and how she’s pushing herself to her limits in her choreography

I have been dancing for a long time – if I still did the same things I did when I started, I’d go crazy. I started at 15 or 16, and when I was young I remember going from one class to another, carrying my clothes in bags. I was idealistic and hopeful. I did classes and rehearsals during the day, and was teaching in the evening. Whenever I had time off, I learned other techniques alongside contemporary dance. I would travel from Montreal to New York, and take ballet, jazz, improvisation – gaining experience, learning and learning.

A choreographer once told me, we all have our tricks in our pockets. I thought: I have nothing in my pockets. That is why I feel I know nothing, that I’m a beginner. I told someone that, and they said: “You have one thing. You have energy!” This kind of schedule isn’t easy, but energy brings energy. It’s a privilege to be in the studio – I don’t want to miss a second.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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