#LoveTheatreDay 2015 – as it happened

On 18 November, more than 300 theatres and groups from across the world joined audience members to celebrate #LoveTheatreDay on Twitter

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That’s all we’ve got time for in covering today’s #LoveTheatreDay. The celebrations will continue long into the evening, with the #Showtime segment of the event giving those who can’t make it to a theatre this evening the chance to sit in some “virtual stalls” and experience a performance, or two, via Twitter.

theatre has made me the best person I can be. I don’t know where I would be without it, it makes me endlessly happy. #LoveTheatreDay

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It’s nearly time to wrap things up here on the #LoveTheatreDay live blog, but not before a thought for the future of theatre. In September, Jane Hackett, director of the National Youth Dance Company, wrote an impassioned blog on how the children are the future.

The key to building a sustainable arts future therefore lies in making young artists a priority today, in education and all other areas of everyday life. They are the leading choreographers, directors, painters, sculptors and composers of a tomorrow that will come all too soon. They have the power to shape the future and they ought to be taken seriously.

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Another dose of the key facts and figures behind some of your favourite shows:

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Earlier this year, the Guardian Culture Professionals Network launched a series on disability arts, to shine a light on the great work being done by disabled artists and disability arts organisations across the UK.

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Fin Kennedy, playwright and artistic director of Tamasha, who offered his thoughts in an earlier feature on what he thinks makes theatre so special, also gave some very detailed advice to the following question on Twitter:

• See as much theatre as possible

• Read as many play scripts as you can (Amazon Marketplace and the Royal Court bookshop are both cheap)

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Many of the questions for the #AskATheatre segment are about breaking into the industry. Here’s are two nuggets of wisdom via the National Theatre:

.@LisasDailyNews Start off in a wardrobe department, get contact with designers. Keep on drawing! #AskATheatre #LoveTheatreDay

.@conor_hunt Approach youth theatres, shadow in youth groups and try drama clubs. See as much work as possible! #AskATheatre #LoveTheatreDay

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Between 3-5pm is #AskATheatre, which offers a unique opportunity for theatre fans and aspiring actors to hear first-hand from the individuals and groups that make the magic happen.

We asked Kevin: what does a Theatre Producer do? #AskATheatre #LoveTheatreDay

I use the analogy of a director driving a car with me in control of the gears. They’ll know the direction 1/2 #AskATheatre #LoveTheatreDay

they want to head in, and I make sure we get there on time, to budget and safely (2/2) #AskATheatre #LoveTheatreDay

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TS Eliot may have wrote of Gus the Cat at the theatre door, but Asparagus, as the poem reveals to be his real name, has got nothing on these Nottingham Playhouse rats:

Awhhh! They’re kinda cute, right?! #PlayhousePanto #Backstage #LoveTheatreDay pic.twitter.com/KiJ4Qv91ty

Meet Lorelai, our second Toby the rat. Both are named after the Gilmore Girls! #Backstage #LoveTheatreDay pic.twitter.com/q6jfW2dLkC

Over in the admin offices Paddy has joined the Outreach team for the morning #Backstage #LoveTheatreDay pic.twitter.com/WxtVXmxGb0

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To celebrate #LoveTheatreDay, Graeae theatre company, which champions accessibility and provides a platform for new generations of deaf and disabled talent through theatre, asked some of its ensemble artists what theatre means to them.

Jamal loves theatre because it’s ‘Creative. Visual. Movements.’ #Ensemble #LoveTheatreDay @TheStage @ace_national pic.twitter.com/l25StRNAdk

‘I love theatre because for as long as I’m watching a play I’m not worrying about anything’ #LoveTheatreDay pic.twitter.com/WNeNEGYbZP

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Just in time for #LoveTheatreDay is this striking gallery from Guardian Stage of stars behind the scenes. Robert Lindsay, John Simm, Susannah Fielding and others get ready to make a great entrance in these exclusive photographs by Matt Humphrey, whose company Curtain Call is producing a book of backstage images and interviews. The book will be published in March 2016.

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An oldie but a goodie here from the Royal Ballet on what it’s like to live life as a pointe shoe. According to the video, every year the company uses 12,000 pairs of shoes, at a cost of £250,000.

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Baritone Ed Ballard was one of four performers to offer tips to wannabe opera singers for a feature earlier this year. “Discover what your body does under pressure, what it feels like backstage before you go on stage, how you react when something goes wrong and what it feels like to be singing at your best,” he wrote.

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Some interesting insights behind your favourite shows:

12.43pm GMT

London’s Battersea Arts Centre went #backstage to interview some of its staff. Here’s what an average day looks like for the centre’s head of producing, Richard Dufty:

We asked Richard, head of producing, what an ‘average day’ looks like.. #LoveTheatreDay #Backstage pic.twitter.com/hQQipGVWZt

To finish, we asked Richard (head of producing) for advice on how to get a theatre job #LoveTheatreDay #Backstage pic.twitter.com/Y5HlsHdyYV

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There’s a battle royal between the backstage desks of #LoveTheatreDay. Merlin O’Brien, who works on sound for the Bend It Like Beckham musical, clearly thinks sound are the victors:

Sorry guys, I think sound are the clear winners here! @BendItMusical @Joshjpeters #Backstage #LoveTheatreDay pic.twitter.com/SsPxvm415Z

Thanks @Stustutux! Now on to our amazing Head of Automation @robraskovsky! #Backstage #LoveTheatre pic.twitter.com/DG7zcnLmmw

We’ve just visited the prompting desk and we are frazzled! Look at all these cues… #LoveTheatreDay #backstage pic.twitter.com/FUAdIqJL76

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The secret to stage management?

Post-it notes and lots of ‘em:

#BackStage our company stage managers use a LOT of post-its to plan who & what goes where & when! #LoveTheatreDay pic.twitter.com/dWbYWxuhb0

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Jo Belolli, associate producer at Polka Theatre, is one of four theatre pros who today share with the Guardian what they think makes theatre so special.

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Cantebury’s Marlowe Theatre takes us on a video tour backstage…

Check out our mini backstage tour from the eyes of a performer! #LoveTheatreDay #OurDay pic.twitter.com/sfDluxeK5B

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A trip backstage wouldn’t be complete without a peek into the wardrobe department.

Here are some highlights via Twitter:

Multiple characters require multiple costumes! Costume designer Dee Shulman’s organised! #LoveTheatreDay #backstage pic.twitter.com/OqzT8CoGXs

Each cast member’s costumes are hung and named to make quick changes easier. #Backstage #LoveTheatreDay pic.twitter.com/d1zjzSaFUK

All understudies have their own costumes, here are the costumes for the Tony and Dad understudies. #Backstage #LTD pic.twitter.com/RoBPiTGVoD

Need to freshen up dry clean only garments? Our wardrobe team say this mix does the trick #Backstage #LoveTheatreDay pic.twitter.com/5HZhL0FytC

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Here’s something for the theatre-lovers out there: 12 hand-lettered quotes about theatre. From Laurence Olivier to the Bard, these print-quality illustrations are free thanks to the team over at TreePress, the online marketplace for plays.

Download them here.

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Ever wondered what the view’s like from the orchestra’s pit? Wonder no more, thanks to this stunning wide shot via the Royal Opera House:

10.16am GMT

Sheffield Theatres has launched this stirring and inspiring video especially for #LoveTheatreDay, to celebrate the work on and off the stages of Sheffield:

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A great quote here about theatre from actor Rafe Spall via The Olivier Awards Twitter account.

He compares thee to, erm, test cricket:

From an actor’s point of view, it’s the test cricket of acting. It’s the highest level, it takes no prisoners … to go and see a play and watch an actor give their heard and soul, and remember lines for two hours and not die with fear is a very special thing.

Happy #LoveTheatreDay! What better way to start than with this brilliant quote from Rafe Spall: pic.twitter.com/1C0hvNxiUx

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Does theatre need your love? For last year’s event, the then exec director of UK Theatre, David Brownlee, wrote a very strong comment piece on how British theatre is a thriving, internationally successful sector, but that cuts and diminishing coffers are cause for concern.

Among many other convincing arguments for the protection of theatre in the UK, he said:

Theatres play an enormous role in the community that goes far beyond what’s on stage. In challenging times, theatres support the financial stability of communities, attracting employers to an area and helping to retain graduate employment.

Every pound spent in a theatre is then matched by further spending in local shops, cafés and bars. Theatres attract a wide range of people to towns and cities in the evenings, keeping the streets friendly and welcoming for all ages and backgrounds.

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Like last year’s event, there will be one main hashtag: #LoveTheatreDay. This will guide the overall conversation throughout the day, with three sub-hashtags to highlight specific themes…

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So who’s taking part? A total of 333 theatres and organisations from across nine countries have officially signed up to take part, with hundreds more set to join in with the day’s proceedings.

You can find a searchable list here:

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Welcome to our #LoveTheatreDay live blog. Today is the day that theatres, amateur groups, arts companies and audience members from across the UK and beyond take part in the second #LoveTheatreDay on Twitter – the Lovie award-winning social media celebration of all things stage.

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