Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty review – the return of an exhilarating gothic classic

Sadler’s Wells, London
Bourne’s imagination thrives where others fail and his reinventions – a puppet Aurora, battling suitors and homages to Petipa – transform fairytale into drama

Baby Aurora may be key to the story of Sleeping Beauty, but in most ballet productions she’s present only as an unconvincing afterthought – a bland prop of a doll who’s either ignored by the court around her or dandled carelessly in the arms of dancers who’ve never been instructed how to hold a baby.

But Matthew Bourne’s imagination thrives where others’ fail and typically one of the stars of his version of Beauty is little Aurora – not a doll, but a captivatingly realistic puppet, who crawls precociously around the palace and beats enthusiastic time to the fairies who dance around her crib.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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