Nederlands Dans Theater 2 review – this dream team deserves better

Sadler’s Wells, London
Face-pulling and slow-motion walking are no substitute for great choreography, which is a shame, because NDT2’s dancers are brilliant

Solo was choreographed by Hans van Manen in 1997, and it’s a wonder. Now 83, Van Manen is the high priest of Dutch modernism. His work is characterised by rigorous musicality and an austere wit, both in evidence here. Solo was made for three male dancers, who dash through Bach’s first partita for solo violin with thrilling velocity, replacing each other at intervals like a relay team. Van Manen gives us flurries of stage-skimming terre-à-terre, taut-sprung reverses, skittering turns. Steps glint and ricochet like beads cascading from a broken necklace.

There’s pseudo-ritual, faux martial-artistry and much breathless rushing about

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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