Nederlands Dans Theater 2 review – wistful beauty and split-second wit

Sadler’s Wells, London
The junior wing of Nederlands Dans Theater have poise, speed and accuracy: if only the programme stretched them as much as they stretch themselves

It’s pretty much a given that the dancers in NDT2 will be fabulous. Aged between 18 and 23, they form the junior wing of Nederlands Dans Theater; and while they can boast all the unflagging speed and accuracy of their seniors, they have an engaging openness to them still, a porousness, as if their personalities haven’t yet hardened into performing egos.

So versatile and so hungry are these young artists, however, that it’s frustrating to see them confined to a repertory that showcase only a limited range of their skills. The aesthetic of Jiří Kylián, the company’s founder, is still a dominant influence and while his successors, Paul Lightfoot and Sol Leon, are seeking to expand the repertory, much of the work in this UK programme is very reminiscent of Kylián’s style, with its reliance on visual gags and its tendency to chop the choreography into short emphatic gestures and attention-seeking body shapes.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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