Nights of passion: Barcelona’s intimate flamenco club

At 23 Robadors young and old performers get together to jam long into the night. And if you get hungry, the tapas and pinxtos are only €1 apiece

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Hidden on a backstreet in the seedy Barcelona neighbourhood of El Raval, in the Ciutat Vella district, lies a tablao, a flamenco club, that attracts hundreds of aficionados each week. Despite the lingering prostitutes and pickpockets, 23 Robadors offers a great preview of the city’s emerging musical talents. There is no space for luxury in the small seating area: artists and spectators are packed into a 20 sq metre room. This intimacy makes the flamenco experience even more unique.

The venue’s jam sessions are particularly special. Established and amateur performers play together, young and old, Andalusian and Catalan, Gypsy and non-Gypsy. This fusion of talent results in an incredible explosion of raw art.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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