No Body review – radiant choreography of light and sound

Sadler’s Wells, London
Nitin Sawhney, Michael Hulls and Lucy Carter have created virtuosic sensory experiences that capture the spirit of dance without using dancers

Modern dance productions at the Wells are often ferociously high-end collaborations, with composers, artists, designers and directors as significant as choreographers. So there’s a smart and illuminating logic to this latest event, in which the non-dance people take over, creating their own choreography of light, sound and imagery in a series of installations that are scattered throughout the building.

No Body begins on the stage, with Michael Hulls’ Lightspace, a work of trippy and sometimes overwhelming beauty. It opens quietly as we wander through hanging light bulbs, dimly flickering like chandeliers in a ghostly ballroom. But as Hulls ramps up the technology, the light invades our bodies, raking over us in great white beams or creating sense-disorienting illusions – walls of light as solid as marble, lethal blades that dissolve into luminous air. Visually, the piece is a marvel – and for anyone who has previously observed Hulls’ lighting from the audience, the magic lies in experiencing something of what it feels like to perform in it.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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