Penguin cancans and endless bananas: the life of a panto dancer

Billy Warren, currently appearing with Duncan James and Joe Pasquale in Aladdin at Southampton’s Mayflower theatre, tells us what it’s like doing two challenging performances every day

We do two performances of Aladdin almost every day, and the dancers are on stage for most of the show. We play several roles, including the minions of the villain, Abanazar, and also do a lot of fun things, like a penguin cancan across the stage. The show opens with Uptown Funk, and then it’s West End-style dancing – jazz and ballet technique, which is my kind of style. It’s not just simple box steps – Melanie Brown, the choreographer, has given us a lot of partner work, with lifting for the men, and some fantastic, challenging routines.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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