Swan Lake review – antique and modern

Theatre Royal, Newcastle
Despite contemporary costumes and choreography, Scottish Ballet’s Swan Lake remains stuck in the 19th century

In his new version of Swan Lake for Scottish Ballet, David Dawson’s brief was to make audiences look at the work in a fresh way. His strategy has been to strip out all but the bare bones of the plot, and to replace the traditional choreography with a more free-flowing neoclassicism. The setting is minimalist, the costumes contemporary.

Dawson is a choreographer of subtlety and ingenuity. Here, he gives us dance solidly grounded in classicism but surmounted by carving, cleaving arms, often with flexed wrists and splayed fingers. The men, in particular, take to this well. Scottish Ballet’s male contingent are a stylish bunch, with beautifully extended legs and feet, and an easy musicality in grand allegro.

They’re not real or believable women but stereotypes of availability

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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