The Toad Knew review – a grand illusion

King’s theatre, Edinburgh
James Thiérrée’s performance piece contains a glorious coup de théâtre but exists in a closed world without drama

What The Toad Knew and how or why he knew it is anybody’s guess. He (or is that she?) is a glorious coup de théâtre about which no more will be said here, out of respect for this surprising and glorious effect. Why the performers do what they do through the course of this 90-minute, almost wordless performance is also a puzzle. This is as its creator, scenographer, composer and main performer James Thiérrée (grandson of Charlie Chaplin, great-grandson of Eugene O’Neill) intends it to be. He writes in the programme: “In this play, there are tiny mysteries that will swallow up big mysteries… I do not make theatre to explain what shakes our inner workings but rather to roam around.”

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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