Twerking, waltzing and daggering – the dances that caused moral panic

A Mississippi bounce concert was called off over concerns from the authorities about twerking – and it’s not the first dance style that has caused alarm

“You can’t wear a thong. You must keep the cleft of your buttocks covered. And you cannot simulate a sex act.” Rusty Hannah of Mississippi’s Alcoholic Beverage Control there, explaining why a concert by bounce artist Big Frieda was cancelled. While also reminding everyone how funny the word “cleft” is. Frieda’s show in the town of Hattiesburg would have been, Rusty says, in contravention of 30-year-old laws drawn up to prevent strip clubs selling strong booze. Basically, an establishment in Mississippi can’t provide risqué entertainment while also selling strong liquor. Beer is fine for some reason, but not the hard stuff. And because Frieda’s show would certainly involve twerking, the venue hosting the concert, the Dollar Box Showroom, was threatened with closure if the concert went ahead.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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