Voces, Suite Flamenca review – Baras's virtuosity is trapped in the past

Some thrilling footwork and extraordinary singing in Sara Baras’s flamenco homage isn’t enough to lift this bland production from its classic format

So much of Sara Baras’s dancing is all about the sound. Her celebrated footwork – fast, fierce and controlled – can distil right down to the drilling of a lone woodpecker; it can be as threatening as a military drumbeat, as delicate as a patter of rain. When her body is concentrated into a solo of intricate percussive zapateado, Baras is less a woman than a pure rhythmic force. Yet elsewhere too, in the whiplash clarity of her gestures, the incisive glance of her eye and the choreographed interplay between her and her partner Jose Serrano, she seems to be driven by the same consuming instinct for rhythm.

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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