Why I cried as I watched Bindi Irwin on Dancing With the Stars

There is a curious, almost parental response to seeing former child stars become adults – especially when so few manage to do so unscathed

When it comes to sudden bursts of sobbing, I tend to cry mostly where I’m meant to: a sad commercial about a lonely pensioner; anything to do with baby animals in crisis; the entire back catalogue of Joni Mitchell.

So it was a surprise when I felt tears stinging my eyes as I watched Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough take on the rumba – complete with “that lift” from Dirty Dancing – on the US Dancing With the Stars. What was I, a grown woman without the slightest interest in the Irwin dynasty or celebrity dance contests (I’m more of a So You Think You Can Dance type), with a well-developed distaste for anything Society of the Spectacle-esque, doing frantically scouring the net each week for the news of Bindi’s latest Dancing triumph?

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Source: Guardian Dance News

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